Start healthily before you enter to the challenging part of the HCG diet. It is during the beginning stretch that your body will start to adjust to the protocol. Starting successfully will help you finish the HCG diet. This is when you will start to learn and get familiar with the diet protocol. The purpose of the preparation is for you to be able to handle the meal style on the HCG diet. Each phase plays a big role in the success of your weight loss.

You can take the time to study the diet protocol and undergo a medical checkup. The most important thing in starting the HCG diet is loading. Start to load on fatty foods to prepare your fat stores. Loading of healthy fats happens only during Phase 1 of the HCG diet. The loading phase is also known as binge eating phase. It prepares your body and fills out your fat stores. Do not skip the loading phase because it is one of the keys to reaching your weight loss goal.

Phase 1 or loading phase of the HCG diet

Phase 1 is the first step of doing the HCG diet. This is a gorging stage where you are allowed to eat anything you want. The main goal of this phase is to load fatty foods as you can. It is pretty weird but it is needed. You have to load on healthy fatty foods as much as you can during this phase. The gorging phase of the HCG diet may seem intimidating but this is part of the process of losing weight. The HCG diet protocol will guide you to successfully finish the loading phase.

Tips you must do in starting the HCG diet

  • Take off carbs and sugar slowly- The gradual intake of carbs and sugar will help you do your HCG diet easily and fast. This will also lessen the possibility of getting hunger or cravings during the HCG diet.
  • Exercise more- Physical activities can help you do well on your HCG diet. It can boost your mental alertness. Physical activities can also help in taking off stress.
  • Load more on healthy foods- It can help you adjust easily to the eating style of the HCG diet. Healthy food choices bring various benefits to your body. Start to load on fruits, vegetables and sources of protein and fiber.
  • Familiarize the food list- The food list has various food choices from fruits, vegetable and meat categories. Get familiar with the food choices to help you in purchasing foods for your diet.
  • Start with a medical checkup- The result of your medical check-up will be the basis of your weight loss goal. A medical check-up will make sure that you do not have diseases that can affect your weight loss.

Fatty foods allowed in starting the HCG diet

In starting the HCG diet you need to have as many fatty foods as you want. Fatty foods help a lot in starting the HCG diet. You are not allowed to get rid of fatty foods right away. This is because you still need to eat fatty foods upon starting the HCG diet. These are the healthy fats that you can get from healthy food options. Healthy fats can go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy weight. Healthy fats are filling which helps in suppressing your appetite.

  • Almonds and olive oil

It contains monounsaturated fats and fiber which aids in proper digestion. It also has the same fats that can be found in olive oils. These fats can help in lowering blood sugar levels. It is also good for maintaining healthy blood pressure. You can add olive oil to your meal during the loading phase.

  • Avocados and walnuts

Avocados and walnuts are filling foods that help in curbing your hunger. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that maintain your cardiovascular health. Walnuts as well are an excellent source of high profile fatty acids. It keeps your heart-healthy and it helps in promoting healthy weight loss.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the sources or triglycerides that boost your metabolic rate. This eventually releases hormones that supply energy. Coconut oil can also be cooking oil and it also maintains healthy heart health. This is also good in boosting your brain and mood that is ruined by stress.

  • Fatty Fish

The widely known fatty fish that helps in weight loss are salmon, haddock, and cod. Fatty fish is linked to helping in keeping a healthy weight loss. It is also helpful in fighting against other problems that are linked to metabolism. This is also known to be protective against cognitive diseases.

Starting the VLCD after the successful loading on HCG diet

  • Stay hydrated- Water helps in cleaning your bloodstream from the food chemicals. It also promotes the proper distribution of various nutrients that are needed for weight loss. Water can also help in maintaining proper metabolism.
  • Weigh your foods- You have to weigh the food before cooking especially the meat choice. This is to help you get the proper portion of each food and nutrients per meal setting. It is also one way of controlling your intake of calories during the VLCD.
  • Schedule your HCG shot-See to it that you will not go on 24 hours without having your HCG shot. Missing a dose might delay your weight loss. The HCG will aid in curbing your hunger and for rapid fat burning. HCG shot plays a very important role during your very low-calorie diet.
  • Have the food list- Have a list of food that is needed for the VLCD. Keep it easy to grab a snack in your bag wherever you will go. It will help you eat foods without guilt in case of hunger.
  • Create your meal plan- Creating your diet recipe will keep you from purchasing foods that are high in calories. Your meals must be based on the calorie requirements during the VLCD. Stay away from sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Load on the foods that helps you reach your weight loss goal.
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