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The steak day is a way of correcting in case you gain weight during your stabilization phase. The stabilization phase is the part where you are done with a very low-calorie diet. The P3 or the stabilization phase is your time to add more foods to your diet. However, you have to be extra careful in adding foods and make sure you will not gain weight.

Weight gain is a poor reaction of your body from the unhealthy habits and foods you eat. It is when your digestion and metabolism does not go well because of too many calories you have been loading. The effective way of going back on your diet track is to do something right away. This is because you cannot start losing weight if you will stay where you have failed.

One healthy way of correcting weight gain on the HCG diet is the steak day. It is an effective way of getting back on your diet track. The steak day helps you correct your metabolism and renews your caloric balance. This is done in the evening without eating anything for the whole day. You are only allowed to drink water or sugar-free tea or coffee. The steak day is not to deprive you but it is done to help you correct the effects of cheating.

Prepare a large piece of lean meat steak at night during your dinner. You can also add apple or whole tomato. The steak day is usually done for two days until you get back on your last weigh-in. Steak day allows you to reset your brain and boost your metabolism as well. The high rate of metabolism will restart your weight loss maintenance and help you reach your weight loss goal.

Why eat nothing all day during the steak day on the HCG diet?

Weight gain is something that your body is poorly responding. Eating nothing all day will give your body away to flush toxins that cause you to gain weight. Flushing out toxins is through drinking water alone during the entire day and eating a large steak at night.

There are various side effects if you gain weight. It may affect the stability of your health. Weight gain is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and even bad eating habits such as snacking too much. Weight gain also changes the form and composition of your body. This is because of the stored fats that became stubborn in hard to reach areas of your body. If you continue your unhealthy eating habits it will trigger diseases that are caused by weight gain.

The benefits of steak day during your HCG diet

  • Steaks are very rich in nutrients    

Protein is beneficial for your overall health even if you are not on a diet. The protein content is also helpful in maintaining muscle and bone growth. It is also responsible for the production of antibodies that fights against infection and as well as diseases. A large stay will keep you full longer and boost the fat-burning during the HCG diet. The slow-digesting protein in a piece of steak is needed during your weight loss process.  

  • It is rich in iron, zinc and other nutrients

Nutrients forum in lean meat is helpful in the production of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is responsible for delivering oxygen in all parts of your body. There are also nutrients such as zinc that breaks down harmful chemicals. The food nutrients you can get from lean meat during steak day help cleanse your body.

  • Steaks are rich in vitamins

The lean meat also contains vitamins A, B, and D. These help prevent bone loss and it can also strengthen your central nervous system. The high level of protein in lean meat can also maintain healthy skin even during rapid weight loss.

Things you must do after the steak day on the HCG diet

  • Eat healthy foods– To end your unhealthy indulgences you have to practice loading healthy foods. Healthy foods cause faster weight loss and stabilization of your health. HCG diet allows you to introduce more food choices during the P3. However, you have to be very careful about the food portioning.
  • Accompany your correction days with light-exercises– You can choose yoga, jogging, dancing, swimming and even walking. These are the light activities that allow you to be productive and guilt-free. These light exercises do not harm your weight loss. It boosts your mood and focus on your diet. Light-exercises such as yoga will also stave off high-stress levels.
  • Stay hydrated– Cleansing your body is through drinking water. You have to stay hydrated to continue the distribution of nutrients in various parts of your body. Water can also maintain the stability and balance of your blood sugar and pressure levels during weight loss. It will also cleanse your body from food toxins that cause you to gain weight.

How to avoid weight gain during the HCG diet?

  • Stop doing extreme exercise- You will end up gaining back your weight if you do extreme exercises. It will increase your stress level and consume all your energy. The lack of energy will lead to extreme hunger and constant cravings. You will also gain weight naturally. This is because of the reaction of the hormones in your body when you are stressed. Do not do heavy exercise especially if you are doing the P2 of the HCG diet.
  • Be mindful in eating– The food choices and proper food porting are important for constant weight loss. Improper control of food portion can cause weight gain. It can also ruin the work of HCG if you are doing the P2. You are not allowed to load on too many calories even after your P2. You still have to continue to do food portioning and watch out on your intake of calories
  • Healthy food choices– Be careful about the unhealthy food ingredients that may affect your weight loss. Do not load on sugar, carbs, food flavorings, sodium, preservatives, etc. You have to choose whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. These are the universal healthy food choices that are helpful even if you are not losing weight.
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