HCG Phase


Weight gain seems to be unstoppable in the menopausal period. This is because the estrogen starts to wane. The metabolism also slows down that makes weight loss hard. Menopause starts when the menstrual cycle stops. High and low levels of estrogen can increase the level of fat storage. This is more in the thighs, hips, and abdomen. Menopause is when you have to promote weight loss. You need to reduce the intake of calorie in order to maintain a normal weight.

Maintaining weight is hard. That is why the HCG diet will do effective weight maintenance for you. The restriction of calories needed to aid weight loss. The caloric requirements in the body are lower as we age. Eating the same portion of food may add your weight in your 30s and 40s. You would possibly gain weight as you were not before. The metabolism slows down in these periods and your energy is lowered. This causes easy weight gain and finds it hard to lose.

How HCG does works to menopausal women?

It works perfectly because it does not need exercise at all. The regular lifestyle will be continued. However, eating habits must be changed. Stick to the food requirements for the diet to work. You can see the fast result as you go further on the HCG diet. It is important to lose weight because too much weight is dangerous at this stage. Weight gain increases the possibility of cancer and other risky diseases.

Stay as active as you can throughout the diet. HCG is good because of its social support. It has also medical supervision that helps in fats weight loss. You are not made to carry overweight for too long. You still deserve a fit and healthy body even in the menopausal stage. HCG can reduce the weight up to 40 pounds. This is easy to follow a diet that shows real results. It will grant your weight loss goal. You can see the development that you have never seen on your old weight loss protocol.

Things you can do to lose weight

  • Maintain the light exercise—do a cardio lifestyle 10 minutes each day
  • Develop a proper body posture—find time to stand or sit whenever you want
  • Grab the right food portion and right meal choices
  • If you want to load on fats, choose the healthy ones—be careful on Phase 2
  • Set the exact mealtime and snack time
  • Observe a healthy sleeping to have a better rest
  • Control the stress properly—cope it out with a friend




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