HCG Phase


The transition period is the last 72 hours in your VLCD. The purpose of your transition period is to make sure that there is no HCG left in your body. This is when you can start adding more food to your diet. You can start your transition period after your last HCG injection. You still have to continue your 500 calorie diet during the 3 days after your last injection.

How to do a successful transitioning on the HCG diet?

  • Stop your HCG injection on the last 72 hours of P2– the HCG will still be active in your body for 3 days. The reason why you have to stop having your injection is to prepare your body for P3.
  • Stay away from starches and sugar– You are allowed to have more food choices except for sugar and starches. This is because it can cause a weight stall. Sugar and starches are harmful during your P3 because it stops your weight stabilization.
  • Re-introduce your food slowly on P3– The foods that you are going to add back are still new in your body. Add them slowly so that your body will have time to adjust. Remember that your stomach is already used to the VLCD.
  • Control your food portions on P3- You are already free from 500 calorie diet but you still need to control your food portions. Entering on P3 is different from your loading phase. Phase 3 is all about the stabilization of your weight loss. You have to balance your food intake to stabilize the weight loss that you reached.
  • Continue tracking your weight- You still have to weigh every morning and keep a record of your daily food intake. Your food record will help you track in case your weight is stalling.

The food list for your Phase 3 of HCG diet

  • Pork, whitefish, Salmon
  • Turkey, Lobster, crab
  • Eggs, shrimp, tuna
  • Asparagus, Mushrooms, Cauliflower
  • Eggplant, spaghetti squash
  • Water chestnut, peppers, sea vegetables
  • Apricots, plums, pear
  • Guava, Papaya, cranberries
  • Sugar-free milk, yogurt, butter, and sour cream

This is not the complete food list for P3. Do not go back to your old eating habits once you finish your VLCD. Maintain your healthy lifestyle to lower your risk from having diseases. You have to plan ahead your meal before you enter phase 3. Planning will help you avoid overeating. It will also give you ease in case you have to deal with huger.

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