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The very low-calorie diet is HCG is not complicated. It has a smooth flow in food measures and food types. Being on track and keeping the number of calories will keep you on the road of the diet. The food in the HCG diet must be in calorie counting style. Each label of the packaged food must be checked. The items by be checked if there is too much sugar, carbs or calories. Low-calorie diet does not forbid you from getting healthy. Monitor the daily calorie intake and make sure that you do not load on processed foods.

What is a 500 calorie diet?

This is known as the very low-calorie diet. This is prescribed by doctors to treat various conditions. 500 calorie diet usually is advised to obese people to avoid surgery. However, VLCD cannot be done alone without the HCG hormones. You can never go on a day in doing VLCD alone. You will get sick and may lose energy. The reason why HCG is accompanied by VLCD is that they work best together. VLCD can cause starvation. But, VLCD with HCG can burn fats while using fat stores as an energy source. IT also suppresses hunger and prevents hunger pangs. This is because it reprograms the brain and control metabolism. That is why you will burn fats rapidly.

The very low-calorie diet in HCG in beneficial. If you are trying to lose weight, you can choose the HCG diet. This is a sustainable diet that changes a lifestyle. HCG diet is done after a doctor’s check-up. This is to make sure that the body is ready for a very low-calorie diet. There is a need to inject the exact amount of HCG hormones so that you will not feel any hunger or cravings.

The beauty of the very low-calorie diet is that it does not leave you hanging. It has a guide on what to do or what to eat. The HCG’s VLCD can help a dieter lose weight fats. It prevents diseases that may occur because of overweight. VLCD only allows for healthy foods such as fruits and veggies. The meat in the VLCD must be lean and there must be no fats allowed. The allowed foods in the VLCD are healthy and nutritious. They are not just simple foods but they can fight against severe diseases. It stops the diseases that are caused by your old eating habits. The VLCD also controls the metabolism of a person. This is why the HCG dieter is healthy even if they are in a VLCD. The food energizes the body as the hormones are working. It is important to strictly follow the diet so that you can reach the weight loss goal fast.



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