HCG has a place in supplemental health. It has been helping people to lose weight for how many years. Weight loss is more than focusing on your body fats. It is also about maintaining a healthy body. You cannot compromise your health just to lose weight. Losing weight must be balanced and beneficial in both weight and health. You have to be careful in following a diet protocol. This is because various weight loss regimens will put your health at risk.

The HCG diet does not just function in burning your body fats. It is also focused on transitioning your body from unhealthy habits. It also boosts your character and personality, especially in physical appearance. Thus, it assures a safe weight loss process without compromising your health. You can reach your weight loss goal through the guide of the HCG diet protocol. The diet protocol will serve as your guide in weight loss steps especially on the foods that you will eat.

The reality is that you cannot lose fats right away by extremely cutting down your intake of calories. Cutting down your intake of calories harms your health especially if you do not have any source of energy for the entire diet. However, the VLCD during the HCG diet works oppositely. The low-calorie diet is healthier much safer. It helps in targeting stubborn fats in hard to reach areas of your body. The burned fats will be used by your body as a source of energy for the entire duration of the VLCD. The rapid fat burning takes place when the HCG is fully in your system.

What are the benefits of the HCG diet?

  • It takes you out from the risk of weight-related diseases

Losing weight helps your body from curbing the attack of diseases. The foods in the HCG diet are natural and organic. This means that your body will have a break from receiving harmful food chemicals. The harmful food chemicals are the main cause of why you gain weight. It is also one of the great contributors to why you experience diseases. You will be maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating habits, etc. A healthy lifestyle and weight loss curb the attack of harmful weight-related diseases. It lowers blood pressure and sugar levels. Thus, it fights against the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Improves your sleep and energy

Losing weight improves the activities in your body. The HCG diet will normalize everything that is unhealthy in your system. You can sleep better and renews your energy the next day. Poor sleep is one cause of why you gain weight. This is because it boosts your appetite and causes you to eat too much. It is important to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day, especially during the HCG diet. Sleeping helps in renewing and boosting your energy and makes you active again.

  • Lowers cholesterol levels

HCG diet controls your appetite in unhealthy food choices. It is a zero sugar and starch diet. Eliminating sugar, starch, and fats in your meal improve your metabolism. Thus, it helps in lowering your cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol levels fights diseases such as diabetes. It also deals with cardiovascular diseases.

  • It preserves your muscle mass

HCG diet only targets your stubborn fats and leaves your muscles behind. Unlike another diet regimen, the HCG diet is maintaining your muscle and bone health during the fat burning. HCG diet is a high-protein diet that helps in building your body tissues. High protein levels also maintain your muscles. It also curbs hunger and cravings.

  • Lowers high-stress levels

High-stress levels can cause you to gain weight in various ways. It causes you to gain weight naturally or through emotional eating. Natural weight gain happens because of the high-stress levels triggers natural hormones in your body. These natural hormones respond by storing unhealthy fats in your body. Emotional eating is also a way of your body to alleviate stress through foods. This is a way of eating to find comfort in foods that have high calories.

The effective ways in reaching your weight loss goal on HCG diet

#1 – Make a specific weight loss goal

Before you will start the HCG diet make sure to have a specific goal. You have to set a realistic and reachable weight loss goal. You have to plan properly on how many pounds you want to lose. Your weight loss goal will also serve as your motivation to accomplish the HCG protocol. Reach our weight loss goal step by step. Meal planning is also a part of setting your weight loss goal. Plan your meals properly according to the caloric requirements in each phase of the diet.

#2- Establish your focus

Weight loss starts in your brain. It sends signals in your body to start planning for your weight loss goal. You have to establish a focus on tracking your weight loss and on the foods you eat. Establishing your focus can help in boosting your brain. Thus, gives you a greater possibility of reaching your weight loss goal.

#3- Choose healthy food choices

One of the foundations of a healthy diet is the healthy food choices. This is because you cannot lose weight when you continue to eat unhealthy foods. Healthy food choices help in stabilizing your health and your body. Choose foods that have high nutritional value than your food indulgences. There are various healthy foods that you can choose from the HCG food list. Stay away from highly processed foods, sugar, starch, and oils. Healthy food choices fight against inflammation, free radicals and stave off diseases.

#4- Track your progress

Tracking your progress means tracking your food intake. You also have to monitor your HCG shot and your weight. Track your weight loss every day. One way of tracking your progress is through weighing. Make it a part of your routine. Weigh yourself at the same time each day or every morning as you get up. It will help you in determining whether your weight is going up, down or stalling.

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