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Eating guidelines do not have to be a complicated one. It must show the specific nutrients of the foods. It simply needs to be healthy and beneficial. The eating guidelines must replace the old eating habits. Processed foods must be replaced with real foods. It means that the food options must be fresh and organic. HCG diet is not strict on the way you load food. However, it is strict on what food you are loading. It is not a depriving way of diet. HCG diet is a transitioning diet. It will transition the bad habits to the normal. It promotes more on veggies and fruits choices. It is because the real nutrients are found in these kinds of foods. The processed foods may seem so delicious, however, it has bad effects.

What are the allowed drinks?

Water, coffee and tea can be taken in any amount. This is an unlimited option in the HCG diet meal. The fluid is unlimited because it helps in flushing out toxins. There are no limits on the intake of coffee or tea. But, it is important to have a sugar-ban in each drink. It only means that your coffee and tea must be zero in sugar. The only sweetener that is allowed is the stevia. Sugars have large effects on the body. It has the biggest contribution of body fats. Do not drink any weight loss drinks or soda. They have hidden sugar that can sabotage the HCG diet weight loss. It can cause diet stalls or weight gain. Thus, causes a delay in weight loss.

What about the diet soda?

There are many reasons why it is not allowed on the diet. Sodas have chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and sodium. These are big contributors to weight gain. It can also trigger cravings that may cause overeating. It has harmful that flushes out important nutrients that the body needs. It can also affect the work of HCG hormones in weight loss.

What will you grab for snacks?

HCG diet does not have to be boring as anyone thought. Even if you are on the diet, you can still enjoy snacking. However, this is not the snack that you used to have. You can have breadstick or fruit as a snack. This is usually an option in the VLCD. Apples are highly recommended as easy to grab a snack. This is the best option for those busy dieters. It can help curb cravings and hunger.

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