HCG Phase


Sleep has an impact on weight maintenance. It has an impact on the hormones in the body. Hormones serve as a messenger that sends a message throughout the body. The body will respond because of the lack of sleep. Stress promotes the storing of unhealthy fats in various parts of the body. Sleeping in less than 5 hours can impact the hormones that allow you to eat. Lack of sleep creates a tired body. It also interrupts the weight loss.

HCG diet protocol is a smooth flow of weight loss. It is a guide on how to do the diet properly. The HCG diet protocol has the list and guide of the entire diet. It is created for the benefit of the dieter. It is made carefully to promote rapid weight loss. One of the guidelines in the HCG diet is the proper sleep. This can help the dieter to rest. It allows the body to process properly the nutrients. Taking enough sleep will help in relaxing and metabolism. Proper rest is needed in the VLCD of the HCG diet. It will help the body store more energy that is needed for the whole day. Lack of sleep does not just affect weight loss. it also affects the entire performance of the system of the body. Thus, affects the work of the HCG hormones in weight loss.

A person who lacks sleep pushes a person to eat anything. It allows a person to grab an easy food option. This will cause mindless eating or eating too much. You will unconsciously load more calories. This is not allowed especially in the VLCD. It triggers the body to crave for sugar. Cravings are not allowed in the HCG diet. Cravings are pushed by emotions. This will affect the body and ways of eating in a negative way.

Enough time of sleep will promote proper function in the body. You can make better choices in eating and you can eat mindfully. Make sure to grab enough time to sleep to support the health. Do not deprive yourself of having a great sleep. If you struggle in sleeping you can drink herbal tea. Do not indulge in watching TV or sticking your nose in the cellphone. Allow the nerves to relax by lying down and focus on sleeping. Listen to music to help relax the brain so that you will fall asleep soon. There are more healthy techniques in getting enough sleep. Stop stressing your mind with unhealthy thoughts. Clear your mind so that you can sleep properly.

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