HCG Phase


A short background of the hormones

HCG hormones are first used as an aid to infertility to both men and women. It is used as a diet sooner after Dr. A.T.W Simeons discover the capability of the hormones. There are many dieters who are concern about the diet and its effect on fertility. This concern is considerable, knowing that the HCG is first used for infertility. HCG diet injections have no effect on infertility. It does not affect infertility for men or women. The main purpose of the HCG diet injections is for a lifestyle change and rapid weight loss. It does not affect fertility even if it’s repeated several times.

The HCG injections increase a bit of the libido and as well as the production of sperm. It is important to know or study the whole background of the HCG hormones before starting the diet. The diet hormones are used as a treatment for infertility because it has similar luteinizing hormone. HCG has a similar effect as luteinizing hormone. It triggers ovulation to women that have a struggle in ovulating. It is also effective in the production of cells in the testosterone.

The effect of the HCG diet hormones in the body is rapid and safe. It has the capability to maintain the state of the body as it burns fats. It also has the ability to curb hunger and cravings even in the lowest intake of calories. The VLCD is only safe along with the hormones.

The major guide for the HCG diet

It has 4 major phases. These are used as the process before reaching out the weight loss goal. The HCG diet phase must be done step by step for the success of weight loss. You have to do the loading phase, VLCD, stabilization, and the maintenance stage. These are part of the diet that needs to be followed properly. The loading phase is the preparation for the entire diet. You have to prepare the body for the low-calorie diet. The VLCD is when your calorie intake will be cut down up to 500 calories per day. After the VLCD is the stabilization part. It is when you have to balance everything as well as taking back foods in the body. You have to slowly load on to foods because the body is still adjusting from VLCD. However, you are not allowed to eat unhealthy foods or go back to unhealthy habits. The last part of the HCG diet is maintaining the diet. This is a part that lasts for a lifetime. This is the part that you will maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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