Being health conscious is helpful especially when you are losing weight. The HCG diet is zero carbs and sugar diet. That is why it is very important for you to know every food that you eat. You have to check the food labels and ingredients before you will cook it. The unhealthy food ingredients can affect your weight loss or it may not able to help you lose weight.

Reading food labels must be part of your habit especially in preparing your meals. You have to read food labels before purchasing to avoid buying unhealthy foods. Stay away from the foods that contain preservatives, chemicals, and other unhealthy ingredients. It is important to eat not because you respond to cravings but because your body needs proper nutrients.

Why is it important to read a food label?

By reading the nutritional labels on foods, you can make a more informed choice about the product you are buying. You can see the specific dietary need, the minerals, and vitamins that are present on it. Food labels allow you to make it easier to compare different food products for their healthy or unhealthy components. It can also help you to limit your consumption of calories. Always remember that the HCG diet does not allow any amount of sugar, carbs, and oils after the loading phase.

Important tips during the HCG diet

  • Avoid eating too much – Each food serving especially must be monitored especially during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Do not cheat on your meal and maintain the proper food portion. Proper food portioning will keep you stay on track of your HCG diet.
  • Eat on your dining table- It will improve your focus towards eating. Eating somewhere if you eat while doing something will distract your focus. It will cause you to eat too much without knowing the exact food portion you need.
  • Check your intake of calories- Calories supply energy to your body but too much of it can cause weight gain. That is why your intake of calories is lessening during the HCG diet. Stay away from the foods that are loaded with calories. Check your intake of calories and make sure to consume the allowed amount of calories per day.

Tips in tracking food labels during the HCG diet

  • Do not just see the front of the package

The front package is sometimes misleading. It contains misleading claims to persuade buyers. If you are doing your grocery shopping, always give time to read food labels in the food package. Do not do grocery shopping with your eyes and emotions. Do it with knowledge and the guide of the HCG diet protocol.

  • Always look at the order of the ingredients

The ingredients on the product listing are ordered from highest amount to lowest. You also have to look at the first three ingredients of the food. Do not buy it if it has sugar or carbs. Make sure that you are also safe from fatty foods. The better option is to buy products that have single ingredients. These are the products that are freshly picked. Another tip is to look at the length of the list if its ingredients. Too many ingredients mean it has less nutritional value.

  • Pay attention to serving sizes

You still have to pay attention to the food portion even if it is already labeled in the package. Do not be mistaken about what single serving size might be. HCG diet has a strict portion control. Reading food labels is one of the keys to reach your weight loss goal. Educate yourself about the foods and their ingredients. This will be your personal responsibility when you do the HCG diet. Having the knowledge to read food labels makes you empowered to make changes in your diet. It promotes a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle.

Other tips when you do grocery shopping for your HCG diet

#1Review your diet protocol

The protocol will help you determine the foods that are allowed during your diet. Understand and familiarize the foods that are allowed so that you will stay on your weight-loss track. Know exactly what you are going to do before starting your HCG diet. This will help you avoid failures and weight gain because of improper loading.

#2Purchase your weekly foods all at once

Avoid going back to the grocery store because you might purchase foods that may stop your weight loss. Purchase the foods all at once to save time and energy and you can focus on your weight loss. Estimate on how much food you need for the entire week of your diet.

#3Separate your grocery from your household grocery

This will help you in choosing what is good for your diet and what is not allowed. Always remember the items that are meant for your weight loss. Do not buy packed or processed foods because it will stop your weight loss. You must have your own list and cart for your grocery needed for your weight loss. You are also not allowed to have dried fruits or canned vegetables. This is because these are already loaded with preservatives, sugar and other industrial ingredients.

#4Choose the raw, whole and organic food items

You have to purchase foods such as freshly picked vegetables, fruits, meat, and other organic products. This will keep you out of purchasing meats and other products that undergo the process. Check food labels to keep out from sugar and other ingredients. Make sure to know the expiry date of each food item that you have purchased.

#5 Avoid carbs and sugar on your meal

The gradual cutting of carbs and sugar will fully aid you during the VLCD. It will help you do your dietary fats and easy. The gradual taking off of the carbs and sugar will lower your possibility of getting hungry during the HCG diet. It can also prevent cravings from coming especially if you are on your caloric cut down. Carbs and sugar are the main cause of why you gain weight fast.

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