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The loading day of HCG is when you eat as many foods as you can. This will take up to 2 days of gorging. This is the time that overeating can help you lose weight. Take the HCG during these days. This is made for the body to restore any missed fat reserves. The loading days can help in preventing hunger during the burning days. The loading days is focused on high-fat meals. However, you have to avoid sugar. The rule is to eat as much as you can that are flattening.

Important loading Tips

  • Focus on high-fat foods- More fats but no high carbs or sugar.
  • Eat rich foods in the loading days. Eat as much as you want.
  • Load carbs with high-fat ingredients.
  • Keep away all the loading foods after loading.
  • Avoid temptations in the burning stage.

Do not hold back. Eat as many as you can. Prepare everything that you need for the diet. Put all the needed foods in the refrigerator. Shop as early as you can. Do your best to load on the high-fat content foods. Loading days is to eat as if it is your last meal. However, do not eat until you get sick. This is also the time to say goodbye to the foods that you badly indulge before.

Sample meal for a normal loading

  • Take HCG when you wake up in the morning. Weigh yourself and record your weight. Start your gorging days as early as you can. Make sure to take the HCG at the same time each day. This will help you avoid missed dose. Here are the sample meals for the loading days.
  • For Breakfast- Get some fatty cream cheese, omelet or bacon with cheese. You can also get a donut for your snack or whole milk.
  • For lunch- Load up some pork chop with a baked potato. You can also have butter and veggies. Grab an ice cream with chocolate or a large shake for snacks.
  • For Dinner- Eat a lot of cheesy garlic bread and salad with avocado. Have some full-fat dressing with cheesecake. Load up some cappuccino, potato chips. You can do this in the loading days and choose more fatty foods as alternatives.

Here are some of the lists of the allowed foods in the loading days.

  • Beef, burger, butter, cakes, cheese, candies and chocolates
  • Cookies, corn, doughnuts, potato fries, fried chicken, cream sauces
  • Hotdogs, ice cream, nuts, macaroni, cheese, milkshakes
  • Pizza, pie, pork, rice and whipped cream

High-fat foods are important during the loading days of the HCG diet. This is one of the keys to reach the weight loss goal. Therefore, loading days must be strictly followed. Everything is well prepared and plan in the HCG protocol. This is made for the satisfaction of every dieter.

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