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Letting go of bad habits is hard for those first-time dieters. However, on the HCG diet, everyone is encouraged to go organic. Organic products are those products that do not contain any chemicals. Chemicals can harm the HCG diet. It can sabotage the work of the HCG hormones in weight loss. In the past years, the organic products are given attention by many people. The moment you step in the HCG diet, see to it that you are ready for a lifestyle change. It is not only the weight that you need to change but also the habits and other causes of weight gain. This is the time that you will be giving value to your health.

The food choices in the food list are more on organic because this can help in lifestyle change. There are things that you must avoid and must continue to do on the HCG diet. The things to be stopped are doing bad habits. Continue to do the food portioning. Your foods must not have pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. As much as possible stop having or eating processed foods. It is because it has harmful chemicals because it will stop the work of the hormones in weight loss. It can delay weight loss or may cause instant weight gain.

Organic foods have 50% more nutrients than any other kinds of foods. You can have direct nutrients that can benefit the body. It can help in lowering the risk of having diseases that are caused by chemicals. It is fresher because it does not contain any preservatives. There is a disadvantage of non-organic foods. There are pesticides and other chemicals that can harm the body. Most of these products are also linked to cancer, heart diseases, and other health risks.

Organic meals can increase the possibility of living longer. It can also increase the possibility of weight loss. Purchase organic products in local farmers near you. These are also available in some of the markets. Make sure that all the foods you have purchased are free from chemicals. Organic foods can make you spend less money on transportation.

Follow The HCG diet eating and food portioning. Remember that even organic foods have calories. That is why you need to be very careful that you will not go beyond 500 calories. The HCG diet organic eating promotes healthy eating habits. These are filled with healthy food choices that can help in weight loss.  

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