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A study proves that cravings are caused by the regions of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for pleasure, memory, and reward. This involves emotions that produce food cravings. This hits the person that treats food as his comfort.

The Two Types of cravings

  • Selective Cravings- This is a craving for a specific food. It may be a desire to eat a whole cheeseburger or chocolate. Selective craving is when you know the specific food you want to eat.
  • Non-selective craving- This is a desire to eat anything. This is totally opposite to selective cravings. It is a result of real hunger or hunger pains. Non-selective craving is also a cause of thirst. You can drink water to satisfy cravings.

How to lower cravings in the HCG diet?

  • Reduce stress level- One cause of cravings is stress. It causes stress eating or a feeling in the emotion of eating. Stress promotes cravings and finds food as comfort. Stress can be prone to eating too much. The scariest thing is that; stress can cause weight gain on its own. This is because stress hormones develop belly fats.
  • Drink Water- Thirst and hunger has the same sensation. It sometimes causes us to be confused to determine whether it is hunger or thirst. Make sure that the body has enough water. This is one way to reduce cravings. Water brings a lot to the overall being of a person.
  • Enough Protein- HCG diet wants to keep a dieter healthy. A healthy diet contains a healthy protein. This helps to reduce cravings. It also reduces the possibility of night time snacks. Make sure that you do not load up on fats. All the visible fats of the protein must be removed before you will cook it.
  • Change a new habit- This is a hard situation. But, starting new habits is effective. Instead of indulging in foods, you may go shopping or a walk in a park. Cravings at home can be prevented by taking a walk in the block. This is to distract the cravings that only last for a couple of minutes. Replace cravings by doing something that is meaningful than eating.
  • Do not skip meals- Healthy diet does not include skipping meals. Here on the HCG diet, it is very important to eat at mealtime. Cravings can be avoided by eating the exact calorie and meal needed for the day. Controlling the food portions can prevent the feeling of deprivation. Have a regular pattern of meal each day. Prepare some light meal or fruit to grab if hunger persists. Take note to use the exact amount of HCG hormones. Exact HCG does not cause any hunger or hunger pains.
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