HCG is one of the most prescribed weight loss drugs in the market. It is a short way diet instead of having surgery. HCG can cause a dramatic weight loss in a short period of time. HCG diet hormone is safe. However, you need to ask for a doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or having a disease. Safety must be the number one priority. Consult a physician before you will start the diet. Observe basic medical hygiene. Dispose of the syringes properly after using. Keep the HCG diet kit away from the reach of children and pets.

Both generic and branded HCG are both ready to inject. Follow the directions in the proper use of the syringes. HCG’s biggest advantage is the appetite suppression. It allows the HCG dieter to maintain the VLCD. It does not give any hunger pain at all. It also does not show loose skin, unlike the gastric bypass surgery.


  1. Improves metabolic function– HCG instructs the body to use the fat reserves as the supply of energy. This will cause speeding up of the metabolic rate.
  2. Energy Increase– The body will release fats and use it as valuable energy. Most dieters are having an increase in energy during the HCG diet.
  3. Reduction of weight– HCG burns fat in the body. Fats will be shed from the butt, neck, thighs, waist, and arms. It does not give the unbalanced reduction. HCG targets fat stores.
  4. Lower Cholesterol– HCG allows Low-calorie diet. This will help you reduce blood cholesterol. It maintains a healthy eating habit. It will also prevent from getting heart diseases.
  5. Muscle Integrity Preservation– HCG preserves muscles while releasing bad fats. This is important for muscle building. It is also important for a healthy bone.
  6. Regulation of Hormone– HCG releases sexual endocrines such as libido for men. It also regulates estrogen levels for women. HCG promotes weight loss as it balances the hormones.
  7. No Hunger at all– Most diet requires you to stop the intake of calories. The HCG diet only requires 5oo calorie intake a day. HCG hormones will pull calories from the fats. This will make you not feel hungry. You can burn fat very fast while having 500 calories a day. You will learn to have healthy eating habits.
  8. Better endurance– You will feel free and breathe easily. HCG allows you to work longer and even harder. It will use your extra energy reserves. It will burn even more fats. HCG does not just help you lose weight. It allows you to get back to the track in a regular exercise.
  9. Feel and Look Great– In the end, you will see amazing results. You lose weight faster than you thought. Once you are on the track of health wellness, you can have a healthy diet routine.

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