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There is no exact evidence in the field of medicine on how a single food cures diseases. However, there are studies that prove about superfoods. These are the properties of the foods that bring healing and health maintenance to everyone. There are foods that have a natural effect in the body especially to healing. There foods that give help in maintain blood pressure and sugar levels.

There are foods that are said to be effective in treating risky diseases. One solution to prevent diseases is to lose weight. If you are overweight or obese, you can shed pounds for the benefit of the body.  Overweight causes disease especially those diseases that are linked to cardiovascular health. Here is some list of the foods that you can eat after the HCG diet.

  • Spinach- It enhances the entire body health. This is a food that has properties in fighting against cancer cells. It protects against eye diseases and strengthens bones. It can boost omega-3 fatty acids. It has almost the same benefit as broccoli.
  • Seaweed- This is a low-calorie food that contains a high amount of nutrients. It strengthens the mucus and defends the wall of the gut. It slows down the release of energy and is effective in maintaining blood pressure. Seaweeds are also capable of regulating the hormones.
  • Tomatoes- It is a good source of antioxidant that allows disease fighting. It battles against cancerous elements in the body. Tomatoes are helpful in preserving the tissues in the brain and nerve. It lowers cholesterol and maintains heart health. This can also develop the memory and sleep of a person.
  • Broccoli- This is the most nutritious greens. It helps the body from getting rid of harmful chemicals. Broccoli is said to be the champion among all the superfoods. This is good in increasing cognitive functioning and lowers the growth of the tumor. This can also maintain weight or weight loss.

There are many foods that bring delight in your plate. These are just an example of the foods that you may enjoy even after the diet. This will maintain and develop long-term health and weight maintenance. The most important thing among all is to eat the right kind of food. Make sure that you will get rid of sugar and fats. Fats and sugar are some of the harmful foods that cause weight gain. To maintain weight loss, you have to stay on the healthy habits.

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