HCG Phase


HCG is a weight loss process that targets the unburned fats in various parts of your body. This is a safe diet process because it is all-natural. You have to follow the diet protocol to prevent stopping or delay your weight loss. Be aware of things that may stop you from losing weight. Be watchful on your habits, lifestyle, food and physical activities because any of these can cause weight loss slip.

The biggest rival of weight loss is not just your bad habits but also unhealthy foods. Make sure to stop the unhealthy eating routine and habits to avoid weight loss delay. You have to deal with your habits right away before you start your weight loss. Any slip may cause sabotage to weight loss and health maintenance. Track your weight loss by tracking your daily intake as well as your daily activities.

There are also cases that your weight loss delays because of the natural reaction of your body. This is maybe because of water retention or the foods that you have been loading. Make sure to eat the foods that agree to your weight loss goal. There are also case that your fats become denser than your body muscle. What is water retention and how does it affects your weight loss? Water retention is a natural storing of water. This can usually happen to women during their menstruation. Water weights can be stopped as soon as your period ends.

Things that stop you from losing weight on the HCG diet

  • Failure to stay on the diet track

Staying on your diet track will help you maintain a healthy weight loss. Follow each step of the HCG diet protocol and do not skip any part of the HCG diet. Skipping a single phase of the HCG diet will take you out from the weight loss track. This only means that you are not allowed to cheat on your foods to avoid any slip.

  • Lack of protein

This is an important nutrient for the HCG diet. Protein aids in weight loss and maintaining muscular health. Protein can also curb hunger and prevent you from constant cravings. You have to load an exact amount of protein from lean meat or vegetables during the HCG diet. Do not go on a day without loading protein especially during the very low-calorie diet. This is because protein plays a big role in helping the HCG in dealing with hunger. It can also prevent furthermore weight gains.

  • You load on to process foods

Always refer to the HCG diet food list in purchasing diet foods. Process foods have various unhealthy chemicals that do not just stop you from losing weight. It can also cause diseases that may steal your health. Make sure to load on whole foods such as fresh fruits, organic meats, and vegetables. Do not load on carbs, white bread, sugar, and processed drinks. Whole foods are nutritious compared to processed foods. These are also even more filling than your unhealthy indulgences.

  • You start drinking liquid calories

Liquid calories come from beverages and alcohol. These are the calories you get from drinking soda, diet and energy drink, fruit juices, sweetened coffee, wine, etc. The liquid calories are known to be the silent killer of your weight loss. Cut off your intake of calories especially the liquid calories. This is because you cannot lose more weight if you continue this unhealthy habit. These beverages are not allowed because of the sugar content. It also contains chemicals that can stop you from losing weight or may sabotage the entire work of the HCG in your body.

What are the things that may ruin your HCG diet?

  • The non-HCG safe items– These are the common items that you unconsciously using. The non-HCG safe items are lotions, beauty products, and cosmetics that are made from animal fat. It can stop you from losing weight because of the industrial chemicals on it. Do not worry about your skin health because the HCG can help. HCG can naturally maintain the glow of your skin during the rapid fat burning. You can use these items after you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Cheating– This is an attitude of a crazy dieter. This is known to be the greatest rival in losing weight. This is sometimes caused by your unhealthy food indulgences before. Cheating is not just an intentional eating unhealthy food choice. It is also a failure to follow your diet protocol. Cheating causes weight gain and takes you away from your weight loss goal. Cheating can cause you longer to get back on your diet track especially during the VLCD. Make sure to continue doing the basic thing such as following your diet protocol and maintaining proper intake of calories.
  • Not having the proper food portion control- Be sure to have an idea on the proper portion of the foods you will be eating. This is to avoid cheating or the so-called non-intentional cheating. Once you cheat you have to correct it right away. Control your intake of foods even in snacking. Make sure to have the exact portion in each kind of food you are going to eat. The proper food portioning can always help in meal preparation. This is to effectively balance your intake of calories during your weight loss process.

How to stop weight loss delay/plateau during the HCG diet?

The most common solution is apple and steak days. These are the most known weight plateau breaker during the HCG diet. This is a healthy loading which allows you to balance your calories. You can load at least 7 apples for the whole day during the apple a day. It will take you back on your diet track.

The steak day as well is a way of loading large steaks at night. You can eat nothing all day and have a large piece of steak at night. There are also cases that you are allowed to detoxify especially if you gain not that much weight. Detoxification is drinking water or adding lemonade on it. It can cleanse your body from the extra food calories that delay your weight loss.

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