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The main result of cheating is weight gain. Before you cheat make sure to know the result. There are a lot of stories online about HCG dieters who survived the diet. Some of their stories include their struggles on cheating. Cheating is one step not to reach your goal, or worst it may ruin everything. It will just make things harder for your body. Avoid cheating as long as you can. Stay away from carbs and sugar during the duration.

People cheat in a wrong place and wrong time. They find hard to resist all the tempting foods around them. Cheating usually happens to anyone at some point.

The things you must do after cheating

  • End up cheating- The first thing you must do is to quit cheating. It will just make you physically down. We make mistake and we can learn from it. You cannot do the same mistake over and over again. There is always an awaiting consequence in every wrong choice that you made.
  • Stop stressing out- You may feel stress after a cheat. Stop frustrating yourself. Do not waste your time doing negative choices. Instead, stand up and do things to correct it.
  • Do not do an apple a day- Do something that will; balance things out. An apple a day is designed to help you get over from a plateau in weight loss. This cannot help you if you have taken carbs and sugar.
  • Stay away from cars and sugars- This is the best way to do for the next couple of days. Eat your proteins, fruit, and veggies. However, stay away from sugary fruits in a couple of days. Indulge yourself more on fibers and organic products.
  • Drink water- This can help you bounce back. Keep yourself hydrated. Water can help in pushing away toxins and fats out of the body.
  • Make a plan- The next thing you have to do is to plan things out. This will help you avoid cheating again. You already learned from the first time you have cheated. This will be the time to apply all the leanings that you got from the wrong move. Do not scold yourself because you have cheated, instead forgive yourself and make it up.
  • Choose the realistic options- One thing you fail is because of the unrealistic goal. Choose a possible lifestyle that fits your goal. Make an achievable goal and do it. You can also create a small goal to reach each week. Start to reach it slowly every day. Be dedicated to your diet protocol for the whole duration. HCG is a sure thing. It works best when you will fully commit to it and finish the diet duration.
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