There are a few things you have to take note of buying HCG injections. There are many products in the market that claims to be legit. However, everything may turn up into a lie. One of the important things you will do is to purchase the right injection. The success of the HCG diet always depends on the quality of the injection that is being used. The HCG diet product is a sterile and small vial. See to it the injections are in the room temperature. It is also important to check the color of the drops in the container. Familiarize the right HCG injections for the diet. This will help you avoid any dangers of fake HCG products. Prepare the HCG diet kit as early as you start your HCG diet.

What are the dangers of fake HCG diet hormones?

The fake product o HCG diet hormones are scattered in the market. It brings risk to health. HCG diet injection is an aid for fast weight loss. The fake HCG injection will bring risk to health. It will cause life-threatening diseases. It does not cause any weight loss or fat burning. It will not help in the Phase or VLCD. It will just put the body and digestive health at risk.

Things you must not forget during the HCG diet

Proper meal planning- You have to plan ahead of your meal on VLCD. This will help you avoid getting too hungry. Proper meal planning includes having the exact list of food portions. Purchase the needed foods for the diet duration. See to it that everything is ready.

The weighing scale and food scale- These are very important for the food portioning. A food scale will help you determine the right amount of food that you need for the meal time. The weighing scale will help you track the weight every morning. This is very important because this is the first duty you will do in the morning. Write all the records of the food choices and the weight in a diet diary.

Water, tea, and coffee- These are the common appetite suppressants. It will help the HCG diet hormones in shedding weight. These liquids will help in keeping the body full and hydrated. Water can help in pushing out toxins out of the body. Tea and coffee can also help in maintaining weight loss.

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