There are few safe strategies you can follow in purchasing items for your HCG diet. These strategies will help you spend less on your diet. It is important to know that the HCG diet is a natural weight loss aid. It helps you lose weight without spending too much of your money. The HCG is better and safer than weight loss surgery.  The HCG diet requires you to prepare everything especially your foods at home. You also do not need more money to be spent on food ingredients and other necessities.

The HCG diet provides a list of the foods that are allowed in each phase. There are also corresponding numbers of the portion you can have for each food. The food list of the HCG diet will be your guide when you do shopping. You will be required to stick to limited food choices. These foods are carefully chosen to help you in reaching your weight loss goal. You should understand which foods are allowed and which ones are not. Most importantly, avoid the foods that contain any amount of carbs, sugar, and fats. Review the protocol before starting the diet.

Purchasing things safely for the HCG diet

  • Buy HCG diet foods separately

One of the most important items for the HCG diet is the foods that you will buy. Separate your food items if you are doing groceries for your household. This is because it is difficult to discern what you should be eating if you will not separate it. Your food might otherwise get mixed up with someone else’s. Grab another cart or basket for your foods during grocery shopping. Make this a habit during your HCG diet.

  • Buy supplies that is enough for the duration of the diet

This strategy will save you time and effort. Purchase a week’s worth of food at one time. Enough food supplies will help you easily prepare food when you get hungry. You do not have to waste your time and money to go to grocery stores. Buy the food that you need for up to 7 days at one time. This is for you to avoid worrying about having another trip to the grocery store in the middle of the week. Make sure that you buy the foods that are allowed during the HCG diet.

  • Avoid packaged or processed foods

Avoid being tempted to buy a few foods here and there that are processed or otherwise pre-packaged. Anything that is being packed or processed is unhealthy. Choose the food items that have single ingredients on it. The way of processing and preserving of foods can destroy the nutrients. Extra ingredients such as food flavoring, food color, and preservatives can ruin your weight loss.

  • Buy raw and whole foods

The best way to buy the foods is raw and whole, and preferable organic. These types of foods have the most nutrients that can help you lose weight. It will also keep your body safe for your health. The foods that are allowed during the HCG diet has low calorie. Unhealthy food products can interfere with the work of HCG in your body and its burning fats.

  • Review your diet protocol

The HCG diet protocol will help you determine the foods that are allowed during your diet. Understand and familiarize the foods that are allowed so that you will stay on your weight-loss track. Know exactly what you are going to do before starting your HCG diet. This will help you avoid failures and weight gain because of improper loading.

Other supporting things needed for your HCG diet

  • Weighing scale– Your weighing scale is the first thing you would step in for your morning routine. This is used in tracking your weight every morning as soon as you get up from your bed. You also have to provide a food scale because you have to weigh your foods before cooking. A food scale is important for your food portioning. These are needed until you finish the HCG weight loss process.
  • The HCG diet journal- A journal will help you track the source in case of weight gain. You can also write the food choices and portions of every meal setting. Always remember that there are also food choices that will cause weight stall. Keep a record of your daily HCG shot so that you will not miss a dose.
  • Timer or planner- This is for you to set time when you would have your HCG shot. Timer and planner will help you to avoid a missed dose. Your planner will also help with your meal planning especially if you are a newbie on the HCG diet. Plan your meal ahead of time to avoid extreme hunger. Planning ahead can

The benefits of the HCG diet

  • HCG diet promotes metabolic function- The HCG will burn fat in your body and makes it as a source of energy. HCG diet can speed off metabolism and increases your energy even if you are doing the VLCD. The speeding of metabolism takes place as soon as you take your HCG shot.
  • It balances cholesterol level and preserves your muscle- HCG burns fats and high levels of cholesterol levels. It can also preserve your muscle mass as it burns your body fats. The HCG will help in maintaining a healthy lean muscle mass as it takes off the bad fats. This burns fats and prevents chronic diseases.
  • It will boost your energy- Your body will release fats as the HCG diet starts. These fats will be the source of your energy. The energy increase can help you get through the very low-calorie diet. The energy during the VLCD is not from the foods you eat but it came from the burned fats.
  • It improves your endurance– Weight loss will allow you to move and work longer. You will gain more energy and you can do more things after the diet. Your endurance will increase even after the weight loss process. It can also give you a chance to do more things that you have not yet done before.
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