More Tips for Phase two HCG diet

More Tips for Phase 2 of The HCG Diet

You have gorged yourself for the first three days of Phase 2  of the HCG Diet. If you switch to VLCD, the first few days will not be hard at all. You can feel hungry when you get past day three. HCG will help reduce the hunger greatly. It will burn all your fats and will give the calories and energy you need. More of the hunger is just caused by the mind. Thus, there are many things you can eat to reduce hunger pains.

Eat More Vegetable to stay full

Be sure to consume plenty of vegetables. This will help you feel full because it has high fiber content. You have a lot of vegetables to choose from. However, you don’t have mix any vegetables in one serving. At least eat 1 cup of vegetable per serving.

Bring a Lunch with You

A great idea to avoid cravings is to bring lunch. Along with lunch is a big container of water.  Eat some or all of it if you start to feel hungry. The water will reduce your hunger and keep you hydrated. Bringing lunch with you can help you avoid buying foods from the restaurant.

Space out your Meals

Instead of having 2 meals a day, you can have 5 meals per day. Space out the 500 calorie intake. Take 100 calories per meal. This will help you change in the first week of VLCD. After the first week of VLCD, your body will adjust as the HCG will start to effect.

Have a Shopping List

The shopping list is given as a diet guide. There are many food and recipe choices listed. Make sure to use the recommended seasonings. You can avail the HCG diet recipe book.



Do Shopping before VLCD

You should adjust not having a lot of foods in the first week of HCG. Shopping when hungry will tempt you to buy items that can harm your diet. Make sure to buy foods that can help you with your diet.

Cheating is not allowed in the Diet

You might be drawn to have a “Cheat Day” while you’re in the diet. The best result comes if you do not cheat. Stick to the HCG protocol the entire time. Cravings are usually physiological. HCG will be helping you to fix your cravings.

Drink Tea or Coffee

The caffeine in the coffee is an appetite suppressant.  This will help you get away from hunger. Tea has the same effect such as green and black tea.

Have a Routine

Come up with a routine that you can stick too. Pick the best routine that will work on you. This will help you get through the challenging parts of the diet.

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