Start your HCG diet by doing a physical assessment. Assess yourself before you will do the loading days. There are various tips in starting a weight loss program. But, the HCG diet will make it plain and simple. There are various things you must do before starting the loading days. Before loading days, you have to visit a doctor for physical assessment. The physical check-up is your go signal for weight loss. It serves as a go signal for you to start the weight loss journey.

You are not allowed to do the HCG diet if you are pregnant. HCG diet is also not allowed if you have life-threatening diseases. Make sure you have enough pounds to lose. It will also be the basis of your weight loss goal. You also have to take time in creating your meal and exercise plan. Purchase all the needed things for your entire diet duration. Choose foods that are low in calories. You cannot start the HCG diet if you have not yet studied the diet protocol. Make sure to purchase the HCG products that will be used for weight loss.

The HCG diet starts with a two-day loading or binge eating days. It may seem intimidating but it is one of the most important parts of the HCG diet. Do not neglect the loading days because it helps in preparing your fat stores for weight loss. Focus on eating foods that are high in fats. This kind of preparation will set your fat stores ready for rapid fat burning. You cannot do a very low-calorie diet without doing the loading days.

What are the starting tips for the HCG diet?

  • Learn to space your meal

Spacing your meal is a wise way of keeping your stomach full without gaining weight. Meal spacing makes you have something to eat in between meals. Split your meals into 5 portions. This makes you come up with a 100 calorie meal per serving. Choose the foods that fit in the caloric requirements during the VLCD.

  • Do not neglect water

Water is one of the most important things for weight loss. You have to stay hydrated to maintain the flow of nutrients in your body. It also helps in eliminating toxins from your body. Water helps in taking off water weights. It is also helpful in boosting your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite. You can also add taste to your water by adding lemon and stevia. Soup or broth can also maintain hydration and helps in curbing hunger. You can make a chicken broth and lean beef soup to curb your hunger.

  • Study and get familiar with the phases of the HCG diet

Follow the phases of the HCG diet and meet all the requirements. Accomplish the requirements in each phase every step of the way. Avoid skipping a step or phase because it will ruin your weight loss process. Phase 1 is the loading phase which requires you to eat more on fatty foods. This is a healthy preparation for your fat stores for the VLCD. Phase 2 is known as VLCD. This is when your intake of calories will be cut down to 500 calories daily. After the VLCD is the stabilization phase or phase 3. This is when you have successfully reached your weight loss goal. Phase 3 is when you will maintain the weight loss for as you add more food choices.

  • Weigh your food choices in a raw state

Choose to have whole and organic foods. There are food choices that have a high nutritional level that is needed for weight loss. Weigh the food choices so that you can have the exact food portion. Your food choices will keep your stomach full and aids in curbing hunger and cravings. You have to weigh all the food choices either it is lean meat or vegetable. Weighing happens before you will cook your food choices. Take off the visible fats of meat choices before cooking.

What are the things you must avoid as you start the HCG diet?

# 1 you must not try the foods that are not in the food list

The foods that are not included in the HCG diet food list can cause weight gain. Always refer to the food list so that you can lose weight fast. These foods are carefully chosen to help you reach your weight loss goal fast. HCG foods will also help you in transitioning to healthy eating and lifestyle. Stay away from food choices that undergo various industrial processes. Do not purchase foods that have sugar, carbs, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.

# 2 do not skip any meals

Skipping a meal can cause nutritional deficiency. It can also be the reason why your body gets tired. Skipping meals can activate your stress hormones to elevate. Thus, makes you eat too many unhealthy foods in your next meal. Every meal during the HCG diet is vital. This is because each food choices play a big role not just in weight loss but also in your health.

# 3 do not engage in heavy exercise

Heavy exercises trigger natural hormones in your body and cause weight gain. It also triggers stress that causes emotional eating. This is a way of eating that allows you to consume unhealthy food choices. Heavy exercise can ruin your muscle leanness and even your bone health. Heavy exercise consumes your energy and makes you eat too much. You are only allowed to do light exercises such as jogging, yoga, and walking. Stay away from exercising if you are physically tired or hungry.

# No to cheat days

This is the worst enemy of all weight loss process. Cheating causes weight gain and will stop your weight loss process. Do not indulge in appealing foods. These are the common foods that are tempting and may stop your weight loss process. Do not be surrounded by unhealthy food choices especially if you are doing the VLCD.

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