HCG Phase


There are various diet protocols that are popping up in the market. There is too much diet craze that seems to be convincing. However, we must be careful of the result in the body. It is better to check if it is healthy or harmful for the body. There are diets protocols that are fast n burning fats but put the body system at risk. There are also too restrictive and expensive diet products. There is long and short term weight loss. The HCG diet has also guided to help in reaching success. These are some warnings that will help in proper dieting.

  • Be aware of the calories- eating more than 500 calories are not allowed on the HCG diet. Eating too many calories are unhealthy and may but the body in danger. The HCG hormones will deal in the works of metabolism. It does not allow the body to be in a starvation mode. The starvation mode will cause the body to gain weight. It can trigger stress hormones that will affect metabolism. This can affect the body and the mind thus causes delay of the weight loss. Do not allow the body to starve for calories. Most especially do not allow the body to have too much of calories. The 500 calories of the HCG diet is enough calories that the body needs for the entire day. The 500 calorie diet is only allowed along with the HCG diet hormones. Each dieter is not allowed to do the VLCD in the absence of HCG diet hormones in the body.
  • Be aware of the ingredients- To avoid further weight loss gain, you have to watchful of the ingredients of the food. There is a specific list of ingredients that are allowed for the HCG diet. You have to follow all the listed ingredients and guide. It will help you do more especially in cooking your own meal.
  • Be careful in buying HCG diet hormones- You need to be aware of the fake and legit hormones sold in the market. The HCG diet hormones are sold in a certified seller. Make sure to identify the difference between the real and the fake diet hormones. See to it that the hormones are not discoloured. The HCG hormone has HCG diet kit along with it. Make sure to buy enough hormones that are needed for the rest of the HCG diet. There are a lot of fake dealers that are spreading. The fake HCG diet hormones are dangerous and ineffective.
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