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HCG diet is an incredible diet plan that is effective in weight loss. You can lose weight as soon as you start administering the HCG. However, there are cases that your weight loss will stop. This is a common thing during the HCG diet. However, there are also ways to break a weight-loss stall. Things may go wrong but there is always a way to correct it. Follow the HCG diet protocol in correcting a weight-loss stall.

What is a weight-loss stall?

Weight loss stall is the effect when your metabolism declines. This is the stopping of your weight loss on rapid weight loss. Weight loss stall is also caused by water retention during menstruation. It will eventually be gone right after your period. You have to check the real cause of the stall to avoid more weight loss complications.

The main causes why your weight is stalling on the HCG diet

  • You fail to administer the HCG injections

Administer the HCG injection at the same time each day. Have the right dose in every shot to ensure greater weight loss. The HCG will work directly to your stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. HCG also works in resetting your metabolic rate to burn more fats. These fats are burned and being used as a source of energy during the VLCD. The right dose of HCG injection will prevent you from weight loss stalls. It can also lower your cholesterol levels as it preserves the integrity of your muscle.

  • Unhealthy eating/ cheating   

There are also cases that your weights stall because of the foods you have been eating. Cheating can certainly cause weight loss stall or weight gain. The extra calories and unhealthy food ingredients affect your weight loss. Unhealthy eating or cheating will take you a day or two to go back to your diet track. The best thing to make sure your weight will not stall is to track your foods. Tracking your food intake and reading food labels will avoid you from wrong information. It can help you with your intake of calories and food portion.

  • Eating lesser food

Eating too much is not the only cause of weight loss stall. The weight stalls because you eat fewer than what is required. It is important to avoid skipping meals on the HCG diet. Complete your meal even if you are doing the VLCD. Your body still needs food to meet the nutritional needs of your body during weight loss. Eating lesser foods or skipping meals can cause nutritional deficiency. Meet the nutritional needs of your body by loading on healthy food choices without going beyond 500 calories.

  • Extreme exercises

Exercising or working out extremely cannot help you lose weight. Yes, it can burn extra pounds but you will gain it eventually. Remember that your diet only requires 500 calories each day. This only means that your energy is just enough for your weight loss and not for extreme activities. Running out of energy will cause hunger or cravings that lead to overeating. Eating too much will stall your weight loss. Light-exercise is the only allowed extra activities on the HCG diet. Light exercise does not affect your weight loss. It helps in maintaining the strength of muscle and improves cardiovascular health. It is only allowed in controlled duration.

  • Dehydration

Water retention and dehydration cause a weight-loss stall. Cutting back your intake of water will eventually stall your weight loss. Drink the adequate amount of water to help in cleansing your body. Your body cannot burn fats if you are dehydrated.

How to solve your weight stall on the HCG diet?

To break a weight-loss stall you can do a steak or apple a day. These are the common weight stall breaker. These stall breaker will restart your metabolism to lose more weight. Steak and apple day will aid in balancing out your calories during your weight loss. It will help you get back on your diet track.

Steak day on the HCG diet

Steak day on HCG diet is eating large steak at dinner. This is the only meal you can eat for the whole day. You can only drink water or unsweetened tea or coffee during the day. The reason for the stolen day is to get you back from your last weight. This helps solve weight gain if ever you gain 2pounds compared to your last weigh-in. Make sure to have fat-free lean beef meat for your steak dish. Weight and take off all the visible fats of the meat before cooking.

How steak day does aid your weight loss stall on the HCG diet?

Steak provides a large amount of protein that is slowly digested. It also prolongs the fullness of your stomach during the HCG diet. Thus, steak promotes the burning of extra calories. You won’t go to bed hungry and it can also control cravings and hunger from coming back. The high quality of protein on your steak maintains healthy muscle and bones. It is also effective in building body tissues during the HCG diet.

Apple day on the HCG diet

This is another weight loss stall breaker. You will enjoy an apple delight for the entire day. You are not allowed to eat anything except apples until you get back to your diet track. It is a food replacement when your weight loss stops. It has fluid that can help to deal with water retention and other causes of weight loss stall. You are allowed to have at least 6 medium apples for the entire day. Accompany it with water to promote faster weight loss.

Benefits of the “apple day” on the HCG diet

It restarts your weight loss and takes you back on your diet track. Apples are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, and nutrients. These are needed for weight loss. The dietary fiber controls your digestion and metabolism. The high-fiber lowers cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss. It is also linked to lower high blood sugar and maintains heart health in several ways.

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