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Cravings are normal in the first week of the HCG diet. Sometimes you cannot avoid them to happen especially if you are used to bad eating habits. However, this must be stopped when you enter the HCG diet. Take a moment and understand the real source of cravings. For you to be able to overcome something, you have to know where it starts. The same thing with cravings, you can only stop it if you know where it really started.

If you see the source of the cravings, you can automatically start to make strategies in stopping it. There are long term strategies to cope up in terms of cravings. One of the causes of cravings is junk foods and other kinds of stuff in the fast-food chains. Here are the common sources of cravings that you may stop.

  • Carbs and sugar- These are the most mentioned things in the HCG diet. Carbs and sugar are totally a NO. These food items may satisfy the cravings but you will end up wanting to eat this for the whole day. It is very harmful in the HCG diet because it can add the weight big time. Be aware that you always have to be knowledgeable when you are on a diet. If you lack information’s you might fail to reach success.
  • Salty foods- This is a tricky craving. The salt is often used in processed foods. It takes out nutrients form the food once it is added for the purpose of processing. Salt cravings are also a sign of dehydration. To stop it, you have to stay hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water to help the body in pushing out toxins from the body. Water can also purify and can take off excess liquid calories.
  • Protein Cravings- This is an iron deficiency that commonly happens to menstruating women. Protein cravings can lead to weakness and lower lean body mass. Let the doctor know if you experience the symptoms so that you can get aid. Do not start the HCG diet if you have diseases that may put the body at risk. Always seek a medical check-up before starting a diet.

There are a lot of ways to defeat cravings on the HCG diet. It is better to have proper portion control to avoid this situation. Stay away from those factors that may interfere with the protocol. Deal with cravings by doing other kinds of stuff than eating.

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