Phase 3 on the HCG diet is not anymore about weight loss. This is all about weight maintenance. The weight loss phase is only in phase 2 or the VLCD. However, you are not yet allowed to eat too much or to keep on eating in this phase. You are only allowed to eat more calories in a controlled manner. Phase 3 is when you slowly add more food portion in your diet. You are also needed to add the time of your light exercise. Do not lose more weight in Phase 3 because it will be dangerous. The main goal of phase 3 is to stabilize the weight. There are things you can do have successful phase 3.
Before starting phase 3 you have to prepare yourself for the entire duration. There are guide and information in doing success in phase 3. Take all the lust of all the phase 3 foods. Prepare and plan the meals ahead to avoid starvation mode. Keep on the track all the foods and the weight every day. Be watchful on the foods that you are going to eat after the VLCD. Phase 3 is somehow a crucial part of the diet. It would be easier if you will stick to the plan. Keep tracking the weight daily. If you see any weight gain or weight stall, you can do the steak or apple day. Do not panic when you possibly gain weight. Instead, you have to correct it as soon as possible. This will help you prevent furthermore problems in weight loss maintenance.
Phase 3 is a 21-day plan. Stick to the plan as always. The brain and the body are adjusting to this phase. It is not only the body who is adjusting but also the brain. The hypothalamus needs more time to reset from Phase 2 or the VLCD. The 21-day process must be followed clearly to avoid complication in the weight stabilization. Have the goal to weigh every morning as soon as you get up. The goal of this is to easily make corrections the moment you gain weight.
Watch out for the calories all the time. You are out of the 500 calorie diet but, you are not out of the proper food control. You have maintained the calorie counting each meal time. Stick to the HCG diet guide to get the success as soon as possible.

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