HCG Phase


The most depth phase of the HCG diet is phase 3. The HCG diet phase 3 requires full commitment. You will begin to increase the calories and the kinds of food that you will be taking. This will help you to be broad in the food selection. There are many compilations of food selection for this phase. However, you still have to be extra careful about making choices. See to it that you have loaded the exact amount and food portion that is needed for the calorie requirements for each day. After the VLCD or the very low-calorie diet must be very careful.

Phase 3 of the HCG diet is a low-carb diet. Try to avoid things and products that are loaded with carbs. Try to avoid the foods that are listed as low-fat. Some of the products are low-fat but they are high in carbs. Do not include the bread, alcohol, pasta and other high carbs food on your grocery shopping. Keep track of the foods such as calorie and carb content. You can have tracking applications or just be a mind full eater.

Here are the foods that you can eat or add on your phase 3 meals:

  • Chicken, tuna, pork, and pepperoni
  • Pastrami, Salami, and salmon
  • Turkey, lobster, and crabs
  • Shrimp, ham, and eggs
  • Sprouts, greens, mustard, and collard
  • Lettuce, eggplants, and tomatoes
  • Fennel, okra, and onions
  • Chestnuts, celery, and squash

These are just an example list of the foods that you can add on your Phase 3 meals. This is not the complete list of phase 3 foods. Phase 3 of the HCG diet, you should increase the intake of calories up to 700 to 900 calorie a day. However, you have to do it slowly because the body is still adjusting form the low calorie. You can add at least 2 to 3 food variety each week so that the body will have time to get used to it. On the second week of phase 3, you can now have at least 1000 to 1,500 calorie each day. The second week you can start adding, turkey and white cheese. Be careful about the fats and other food that contains harmful chemicals that will put the body at risk. Keep your focus on low-carb and zero sugar diet on phase 3. Unhealthy fats and added sugar and chemicals are unhealthy for phase 3 diet.

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