What is HCG?

What is HCG and How does it work in the Body?

How it started?

HCG is birthed in 1950’s by Dr.A.T.W Simeons. It is a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a human hormone produced by both male and female. HCG weight loss was first done back in 60’s to 70’s by Simeons. He gave HCG to boys whose testosterone levels are low. Through that, the boys started to lose abnormal fats in their belly. HCG diet experiment started to trend around the world. Even the doctors are coming to Rome to learn about the discovery. This way of diet is now radical in losing weight. HCG has two important things to consider such as:

  1. The natural process of the body in burning stored fats
  2. A well planned low-calorie diet that raises the possibility of weight loss

Three types of body fats according to Doctor Simeons

  • The structural Fats

This type of fats fills the gap between organs. This is a packing material that acts as a protector of arteries. This fat also provides beddings for the kidney. It also provides the bouncy pad under the bones of the feet.

  • The Normal Fats

This is a normal reserve of fuel that is can be used as an energizer. This type of fat has a high amount of calories in a small space. This is for the maintenance of the temperature and muscular activity. These fats will gather in the body and still considered as normal.

  • Abnormal Fats

This is caused by the high intake of sugar and starch. These fats will cause obesity. It is usually found in the buttocks, around the hips, stomach, and thigh. Without proper weight loss, these fats will stay in the body. Dr. Simeon started to develop his theory of HCG injections and weight loss after a lot of tests. HCG is created long before its effect in our body is really understood.

Working of HCG in the body

HCG was first used to speed up the puberty to the underdeveloped children in India. After the constant injections, the doctor discovers new things.

  • The small dose that is used daily is as effective as the dose given twice a week
  • The patients are starting to lose large appetite even without any diet
  • The doctor noticed that the body began to change such as the shape of the hips. The abnormal fats are used as the spare means for food. This finally answers the question to why the boys are not hungry even on a controlled diet.
  • A higher dose of HCG for diet does not cause any worst effects in the body
  • Patients that are on a high-calorie diet are able to surpass their usual day

His new discoveries are clear that with HCG, the body can change. It shifts from using the normal fat reserves to the abnormal fat.

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