HCG Phase


During phase 4, you will be introducing carbs and other foods back in the diet. However, you have to do it carefully. Stay away from white foods in the first week of phase 4 such as rice. You also have to stay away from chips, flour, and processed foods. As much as possible you have to load more on organic foods. The carbs that you are going to eat must come from veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

The reason why you have to avoid eating any processed foods is that it has harmful chemicals. The chemicals in processed foods are making it delicious. However, the nutrients of the food are already out. Chips and other white foods are also loaded with unhealthy carbs. It will cause weight gain and may stop the stabilization of the weight loss. It is hard to lose weight in case of weight gain. However, it is made easier with the help of the HCG diet hormones. On HCG diet, be sure that you are constantly checking the calories. The weight gain on the HCG diet can be solved by the help of the apple a day or the steak day. Stay away from the foods that will trigger the stress hormones. This is to avoid overeating because of stress.

There are various effects of stress that may harm the whole weight loss flow. There are recipes that are allowed and you can enjoy the entire diet duration. You can be a cook of yourself. You can prepare your own meal according to the HCG diet food choices. Enjoy the foods that you want to be able to sustain the body as well as weight maintenance. You can also refer to the online guide of HCG recipes.

You can eat as much food as you want as long as you are maintaining food portioning. For the HCG diet phase 4 you are to maintain the weight. This will require the focus on the portion and food kinds that you are going to eat. You are still not allowed to have sugar. This is because it will cause weight gain. One thing that will help in maintaining g weight is to load on the foods that are rich in fiber. This will help in pushing out toxins and fats. Stay hydrated to support the proper digestion. Water can also help in maintaining weight.

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