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Cheating is not just about eating too much. It is also about eating the wrong kind of meal. It is also about eating food that is not allowed in the diet. Cheating is not just done in a single time. It is done over and over again. It is the product of cravings and lack of discipline. Cheating can also be a result of bad habits and wrong decision. No matter how dedicated we are on a diet, cheating will knock us down. If you are not familiar with the HCG protocol, you will end up cheating. The important thing you must do is to keep moving forward. Face the consequence of the choices. However, do not feel so bad about it. There is always a big chance to correct it. Think about the consequences before you will do it.

Right after you realize that you cheat, correct it right away. Avoid an extended duration of the action. Do not wait when you gain or there will be a weight stall. Figure out the things that will help you get back on track. After cheating, you will surely expect that the weight increases. Work as hard as you can just to get back on track. Fix the things that need mending. Gaining weight does not mean that the HCG diet is ruined. It just slows down the weight loss.

Water can help in getting back to the track. It is one of the most important weight loss partners. Water cleanses the body and pushes out toxins. Hydration is important after a cheat. The toxins must be kept off right after a cheat. It will add up fats in fat stores if it is not dealt right away. Do not do other routines aside from the HCG diet guidance. Do not skip the meals just because you have cheated. Be more focused on diet protocol. There is always a time that craving will come and lead us to cheat. Each dieter must learn to adjust and deal with cravings. It is just a product of the emotional feeling towards food. Cravings do not satisfy hunger, it satisfies the emotions. It brings comfort to the emotionally stressed people. Thus, it makes weight loss impossible. Every amount of food that is eaten has an effect on the body. Cheating is easy to resist if there are dedication and self-control. Food is part of the basic needs of a person. However, too much of it is unhealth

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