You want to lose weight because you need to improve your health or for personal reasons. Either way, weight loss can help you reduce your risk of certain diseases and other health problems. Weight loss also relieves symptoms and prevents any weight-related diseases. To successfully lose weight, you have to make changes to your exercise, diet and your lifestyle. There are tools and tips that can keep you on track. You must also know the things that you must not do.

The weight loss path to improve your health through the HCG diet

When it comes to weight loss you must know the important facts. You must also consider the “dos and don’ts” of the program. You must be prepared to monitor your progress and other support to lose weight. You also need to know in advance the 3 important facts before losing weight.

Fact #1- Your weight- you must now your weight so that you can plan properly for your weight loss goal.

Fact #2- Your body mass index- your body mass index or BMI is base on your weight and height. This measures your health risk. This will also be the basis if you are considered obese or overweight. The Body Mass Index for overweight is around 25 to 30 and beyond that is already considered as obese. The greater your BMI is the more you are a risk to weight-related problems.

Fact #3- The circumference of your waist- Your body fats are often deposited in the stomach area. This is commonly known as your belly fats. Your waist circumference is an important tool to know your weight loss goal. The waist circumference is through your hipbone and around it. The highest waist circumference for men is 40 and for women is 35 inches. If it is beyond you are considered to have obesity.

Your way of nutrition and exercise before starting the HCG diet

Generally, you have to start lowering your intake of foods that has high calories. Train your body earlier so that you can easily adjust to the extreme calorie cut down during the HCG diet. Be aware of the calories from the foods and your drinks. Minimize your intake with foods that have fats, sugar and starch. These foods add more calories but do not provide any nutritional value.

Eating more calories than what the body uses will just lead to fast storing of fats in your body. Start to adopt a new eating style and remove soda, processed foods and other unhealthy food choices. You can start adopting a healthy lifestyle and consider having an exercise routine as well. Exercising helps you develop your bone and muscle’s health. This is also a good way of burning extra calories while preparing to start the HCG diet. Make sure that you know the beginners tips before starting the HCG diet such as:

  • Only eat when you are hungry. If you usually eat 5 to 6 times a day you have to cut it down. Start to have discipline in eating. Only eat when you are physically hungry and ignore your selfish food cravings.
  • Do not skip your meals. Skipping meals will not lead to weight loss. It will only worsen your situation because it makes you hungrier. Thus, allows you to eat too much on your next meal just t satisfy your hunger. Do not skip your meals instead you have to choose healthy food choices.
  • Challenge yourself to have physical activities from light to moderate actions. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Stop your extreme or heavy exercise routine especially if it makes you tired and hungry.
  • Do not prolong your hunger and eat a variety of nutritious foods. You can have whole grains, lean meat, fruits, dairy products and vegetables.
  • Avoid processed foods and drinks that have high levels of fat or sugar. Stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water each day. You can also try unsweetened tea, coffee, and low-fat milk.

What you need to know about HCG diet phase 1

P1 of the HCG diet is known as the loading days. It is done on the first day when the HCG is taken. You are allowed to eat anything you want as long as it does not make you sick. This stage usually lasts for 2 days. You can still eat your favorite foods but it is encouraged that you must focus on eating foods that are rich in fats. Do not get this wrong, the loading of fats is not to make your situation severe. This is a way of preparing your fat stores for the VLCD.

Does the HCG diet has proven results in weight and nutrition?

Yes. The HCG diet has been proven effective in rapid fat burning and stabilizing your health. The HCG diet is done through the help of medical and diet experts. The diet plan itself is designed and created by a doctor. It burns fats in various parts of your body including the parts that are not reached by your diet plan before. This means that you do not have to spend too much of your money or undergo weight loss surgery.

There is also no problem with nutrition because the HCG diet only allows healthy food choices. You just have to prepare yourself for the whole new food choices and eating style. This means that you cannot binge-eat or even eat the foods that you are used too. You only have to eat the foods that contain the exact calories you need for the entire day.

The food choices during the HCG diet may not accomplish the demands of your food cravings. However, the food choices that you will be eating have the exact nutrients that your body needs. Always remember that the rapid fat burning through the HCG diet does not rely on how intense your workout is. It is also not about how much you deprive yourself of eating processed foods. HCG diet is all about the hormone that helps in resetting your metabolic rate and in reaching your weight loss goal. Take the first step now.

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